About US

We are a sport team that shares a deep love for all activities outside. Tom Holland and Susmita Sarker are our founders. We are passionate outdoorsmen and women who spend their free time flying, hunting, ruck-sacking, hunting, big and small games, all of this while digitally capturing our adventures to share with our fast growing online audience.

While 100% of the time we cannot travel, we like to share our experience and help others build their lives. Whether it’s floating on a second-hand yacht in the ocean or becoming the local BBQ hero. Finally, we only want to have fun, live and naturally enjoy the outdoors every day.

Let’s Meet Our Team Members

I am Tom Holland/Writer/Co-Founder

Engineer and outdoorsman. Founder of backlineoutdoors.com. Here you can find a list of items that I consider to be the best on the market, evaluate them one by one, indicate their pros and cons and summarize their characteristics, and then equate them with each other in a useful comparative chart. First of all, I still put on the shoes of the person who is going to buy, taking a large sample of potential scenarios, so that each study suits best with the truth of each customer. After I have recognized these requirements, I shall look through a broad catalogue of products and review each of the features in a comprehensive manner. Finally, I find the best discounts on the market in the most up-to-date manner possible.

Joseph R. Colunga

I am Joseph R. Colunga/Writer/Lead Tester

I’m committed to discovering the coolest, most interesting and most beautiful items on the internet for your house, kitchen and garden. Whether you’re shopping for the new gadgets, home accessories, home equipment, an amusing gift for a friend, or just looking to amuse yourself with some crazy updates, you’ve come to the right spot. Aside from this, we’re helping you get details about new items, tips & ideas about home restoration, home organizing, home decor and make the most of your garden space. We do not sell products listed on our blog, just connections to places that do so.

I am William S. Beveridge/Writer/PR Manager

After leaving school, I finished my apprenticeship as a mechanic, and then spent a large part of my time in the agriculture industry. I take a strong interest in all that is mechanical and the care of my equipment to ensure that I get the most out of them and that they last a long time. So, taking on a mowing and gardening business, I had to use a lot of gardening equipment to make my work a lot simpler. I am now starting to use my planting equipment to manage my own garden and adjacent areas.
On this blog, I’m going to try to help you get the right advice on what garden tools will best you for the garden area and the scale of the work you want to do. If you want to purchase gardening equipment, there’s a lot to remember before you go out and buy the tools.

I am Susmita/Writer/Co-Founder

A hobby artist and a DIY lover. Additionally, I have a deep passion for writing. If I don’t work, I love being outside with my family. Hiking, biking, and barbecuing are always something for me.