About US

We are a sport team that shares a deep love for all activities outside. As Staten Island soccer professionals, we try to make the outside responsible and inspire others to do the same. We are passionate outdoorsmen and women who spend their free time flying, hunting, ruck-sacking, hunting, big and small games, all of this while digitally capturing our adventures to share with our fast growing online audience.

Our lives are all about football and outdoor exploration. We are a fly fishing, hunting, and cooking and adventure team. We love fly fishing.

Our most recent project has enhanced our outdoor entertainment area. As such, we are very versed in the DIY project and choose the appropriate equipment and are able to choose the right product for the first time.

While 100% of the time we cannot travel, we like to share our experience and help others build their lives. Whether it’s floating on a second-hand yacht in the ocean or becoming the local BBQ hero. Finally, we only want to have fun, live and naturally enjoy the outdoors every day.