Duromax XP12000 EH Review – Is It Worth It in 2021?

The Duromax XP12000EH is a powerful 12,000-watt whole-house generator that runs on both gasoline and liquid propane. The dual-fuel function provides you more options, as well as a more reliable power source during more extended power outages. The Duromax XP12000EH is a high-capacity dual-fuel portable generator that works well as a home backup generator. It’s … Read more

Can Propane Generator Run on Natural Gas?

Will propane generator run on natural gas? Yes, a propane generator can run on natural gas but with some modification and a conversion kit is required for that specific model. To account for the different pressures of natural gas, the orifice through which the gas travels must be modified. A natural gas conversion kit is … Read more

How to Connect a Generator to Your House without A Transfer Switch

It can be tricky to connect generator to house panel without transfer switch. When it comes to running a home generator securely, a transfer switch is essential (and, in most cases, a legal requirement). The transfer switch separates the electrical load, enabling you to run your home on either city or generator power without having … Read more

Can You Charge a Tesla with A Generator?

Yes, you can charge a tesla with a generator, but there are caveats. In an emergency, it can be a safe and effective solution. Let’s say the power goes out throughout the house, and your car isn’t charged for any reason. Then you may use it to charge your car and power your home. Other … Read more

Propane vs. Diesel Generator for RV – Pros & Cons

So, should you purchase a propane (lp) generator or diesel generator? Which motorhome generator will be the best? When purchasing generators for RV or motorhome, you will need to decide whether to go with diesel or propane. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of diesel generators vs propane generators and decide if diesel or … Read more

Best Dual Fuel Generators [2021] – Reviews & Comparisons

Best Dual Fuel Generator– Welcome to the backline outdoors guide to the best dual fuel generator reviews of this year. What is a dual fuel generator?  Dual-fuel generators, sometimes known as hybrid portable generators, can run on two types of fuel: gasoline and propane, or natural gas in some cases. Gasoline is the most common … Read more

Does Propane Generator Produce Carbon Monoxide?

Do propane generators produce carbon monoxide? Propane generators are a simple way to heat houses during the harsh winter months, supply power to you home after a storm, but the gas is deadly if not handled correctly. Propane, like other hydrocarbon fuels, produces carbon monoxide (CO) gas, even the best propane generator. The exhaust may be … Read more

Best Propane Generator Reviews [2021] – Home & Outdoors

Looking for the best propane generator? A backup generator is a necessary tool for providing electricity in a home before the utility provider can restore power. A portable generator’s accessibility of gasoline is the only downside during a power outage. Access to gasoline can be limited during natural disasters, so getting a propane-powered generator on … Read more

How Loud Are Propane Generators?

Propane generators can be quite noisy because they have internal combustion engines that run off of propane, natural gas or gasoline. Some of the best propane generators utilize a Honda GX200 engine or other similar engines. If you are planning on using one of these generators, it is important to consider how annoying the noise … Read more

What Sizes of Propane Tanks Are Available for Generators?

Many propane-powered generators are available on the market right now. You can also get conversion kits to transform your diesel generator to propane or natural gas. Propane is much cheaper to store and more durable than oil, many people want to use it as a fuel for their generators. If you’re going to use propane … Read more

How Much Pressure Is Needed on Propane Operated Generators?

Propane is a clean, easy-to-use heat source that can fuel propane grills, home heaters, and even generators for end-users. Generators come in handy during severe weather, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Commercial electricity is often lost, necessitating the installation of a standby generator. Propane generators are standard due to the lower environmental risks, increased fuel … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Propane Powered Generators?

A generator is much more than a source of power, it’s a way to secure your investment. Power outages are regular during natural disasters and can last for weeks. This also results in losses that are impossible to rebound from, not to mention the numerous inconveniences. When the weather changes and the power is running … Read more

How Does a Propane Generator Work?

Propane is a liquefied petroleum gas (LP) type of flammable hydrocarbon gas, which is one fuel option that people frequently use to power their generators. A propane generator is a mechanical system that is used for electricity generation purposes. When you need a power supply for a camping trip or an emergency at home, a … Read more